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hey everyone I have a new blog…this one will be closing down within the week…

the new site is

peace out



so long…

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I am deleting this blog. I will be starting a new blog that will make sense….

check it out i will be talking about the Q conference as well as issues about life, God, theology, family, and Jesus….

I look forward to the change…thanks


New Look

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Just trying out a new look for a bit….

Hope everyone is well


Thoughts on Historic Inauguration

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     Yesterday I watched, like the majority of everyone else, the swearing in of our  44th President of the United States. It was neat to see all the past presidents and vice-presidents who have led this great country. It was interesting to see the turnout that occurred for # 44. (I wonder… if Obama was a conservative would the “excitement” for him match the current superstar liberal following and the “celebration” that occurred…just a thought.) Anyway, I watched what unfolded over the course of the afternoon just to see if I could get a feel for what the next 4 (maybe more) years would look like. And I came away with several observations. Some that made me mad and some that I celebrated. So here we go…

  1. Obama is a leader and carries himself with confidence. I will support and follow this man, even if I don’t agree with everything he is doing. I hope for him the same I hope for everyone who has held that office. That they will be the best president this country has ever seen.
  2. It was truly inspiring to see the exchange between the Bush’s Sr. and the Clinton’s. Here are two families that share different political convictions (heck the Clinton’s bashed the Bush’s boy f0r the past 2 years.) But they put those differences aside and have built a friendship with the foundation of patriotism and respect. They have been apart of the most exclusive of fraternities and have shared the same joys and tears. To see the reverence Bill Clinton had for George Sr was humbling at the least. It was a prime example of Christ’s calling to “love one another just as I have loved you. Jesus did not add a stipulation to love or extra credentials, he just said do it. So my hat is off to Bush’s and the Clinton’s.
  3. Rick Warren did an acceptable job with the convocation, leading a nation to the feet of God. But it also proved that we live in a fallen world. When we are in the presence of Almighty God, declaring Him as the creator of all things and then we have people whooping and hollering over our first “African American” president during the prayer, our nations priorities our out of whack. You don’t see anyone giving that same excitement for the King of Kings and the Maker of us all. I am not mad, it just makes me even more adamant about sharing the Holiness and the value of Christ the King and God the Father.
  4. When they were announcing the different Washington big wigs it was neat to see them all and here the applause but I was appaled at what I heard when “Commander and Chief” was played and the reaction as Bush walked out. To hear loud boo’s and loud gesturing was in no other words “CLASSLESS”. Here is a man who gave 8 years of his life to lead this country. I do not agree with some of the decisions that W. made, and I stand behind some as well. Here is a man that experienced the largest most lethal terrorist attack on our country and one of the most devastating natural disasters ever, under his watch and had the difficult and almost impossible job of leading us through those awful periods of american history. Which ever decision he would make, he felt he was doing what was best for America. I respect the man and the position but not all of the decisions…I am still smart enough not to boo the President. And then to see a clip of several african american men singing “na na na hey hey hey goodbye” it made me ashamed to be an american. Let me ask you a question, four years from now if we elect a new president and me and some of my “white” buddy’s start singing that song as Obama makes his last march as president, what do you think will be the talk of the town? I am willing to bet an uproar would follow and we would be looked on as racist.  (And for the record, I am not racist, I have several friends of all shapes, sizes, and colors.) 
  5. Finally I move to the closing prayer where Rev. Lowrey eloquently began the prayer, but left so much to be desired on the closing. His rhyme at the end I felt made a mockery of prayer and I was absolutely offended when he stated for “the white to get it right”. Now I know there are a handful of white nut-jobs out there (i.e. KKK) that think their poop don’t stink and that all races except for white are in the wrong. And without question, those handful are ignorant beyond recognition. But I also now there are a handful of black nut-jobs that think white people are stupid too. Both of those are the minority of this wonderful melting pot called America. We are all created equal, and there is no reason that children from different races can’t play on the same playground. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream was a dream that 99% of us share. I have more respect for Dr. King than I do for many past presidents. But Rev. Lowrey went too far with his “declaration”. I take offense to that and whole-heartedly disagree with your evaluation of the “white” race. As long as we continue to segregate(no matter the color) there will be issues. Instead we should focus on the fact that God made us all and we are all beautiful in his sight. And we should all be beautiful in ours too.

By no means do these opinions reflect anyone other than myself. And I hope not to offend anyone, and I do want us to celebrate the historical significance of what took place on Jan 21, 2009. But lets celebrate with class and dignity. I will be praying everyday for President Obama, that God will guide his steps as he leads our country. That he will send a hedge of protection surrounding him, his family, and the rest of our countries leadership. I support our president, I believe in our president, and may God’s grace fall on him as he take’s the reigns from a man I prayed the exact same things for.

The New Year

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Today I sit in my small nook of a closet, which I like to call my office, and I wonder what this new year will bring for me. What exciting times will I share with my friends or how many times am I going to fall on my knees and pray because at that moment, that is the only thing to do. When I begin a new year, it can usually be a scary yet exciting thing. For those of you who don’t know me, last year might have been the craziest, most hectic, year of my life. It involved me moving every possession that we have 3 times. I lived with the in-laws for 2 months. I left a great job hoping to find the calling and then realized how much of my heart was still in the place I left. I made some incredible friends that I quickly said good-bye to. I caught 2 and 1/2 Reds wading in the gulf during FANOFINTI (don’t ask). I learned how to worship and had the privilege to minister to a community of believers. I saw The Alamo twice. I at the Macho Camacho at Chris Madrid’s. I converted from “PC”ism to the Mac-life. And finally (i could keep going) I was blessed with the most beautiful little girl. God saw it fit that a screwed up yet redeemed sinner like me, would take the reigns on the spiritual growth of my daughter. I am completely humbled to see where I have been and where I am now and the responsibilities that God has brought before me. I know that there is a God and in His hands he holds me closer and closer each day. 

So with the new year already hear, I think I will make a list of 20 “these things will happen” for the upcoming year… and I may add some later

  1. Fall in love with Christ more deeply and passionately than I ever have before.
  2. Fall in love with my wife more deeply and passionately than I ever have before.
  3. Write a new Song
  4. Tell my daughter that I love her everyday
  5. Get a dog
  6. Swim in the river at the Cabin
  7. Share Christ more with my actions than with my words (think about that a little deeper. If you still don’t understand ask me!)
  8. Buy a House
  9. Coach baseball
  10. Follow through with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Freedom
  11. Buy a Wii
  12. Give my buddy Kyle a hug when his beautiful wife Amanda gives birth to their first child and then share a beer with him.
  13. Be a spiritual encourager to my brothers
  14. Cut the balls off a bull calf (I have already done this, but If I do this, that means I’m at the Ranch working cows with my father-in-law. And there are not to many places I would rather be…unless he starts yelling at me..ha ha ha)
  15. Plan the Honeymoon that Cici and I never got to go on…
  16. Watch Tennessee football (this one is easy…unless we suck again)
  17. Share life with a complete stranger
  18. Speak in tongues (just kidding)
  19. Pray that Matt Damon would come to know Christ and If i get the opportunity to share it with him, don’t chicken out.
  20. Drink some of my moms sweet tea.

There you have, quite a good list I must say. I encourage you to do the same…don’t make resolutions, they usually get broken. Don’t give yourself a chance for failure. Dream big when it comes to your list and think small too. And let God work in you and through you. 


Craziness of the Holiday Season

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I have had a hard time finding time to write on my blog. With Maddy growing more and more every day and the craziness of juggling 2 ministries (which I am blessed with doing) and being husband and father I have found myself vegging out when I do get free time. But I have had alot on my mind concerning so many things. Some incredible milestones have happened since i last posted. We have an African American president, who I didn’t vote for but continue to pray for, my grandparents have been in and out of the hospital but their spirits still seem good, we got a MacBook Pro as an early Christmas gift (uhhh yeah pretty sweet), Maddy is rolling over, eating her toes, and talking in a British accent while reading the wall street journal. OK maybe not the last two but my daughter is growing up so fast and becoming her own person. I see and feel the love that God has for me through the life and love i have for my daughter…simply humbling.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Christmas is a time to see family, eat pies and cakes that are not usually made until this time of year, surprise loved ones with special gifts, and drink hot chocolate when its snowing outside. But most importantly its a time to celebrate the Christ child. The birth that impacted the wealthy (wisemen) and the poor (Shepherds). That brought hope to people that were hopeless. Christ has come, and isn’t it incredible that God choose to use a scared teenage girl and her young carpenter husband to save the world from the grips of the world. 

So share the love of Christ with someone. Show them the love of Christ that is in you, through you, to them. Rejoice my brethren, find peace, hope, and satisfaction the Christ Child.


Grace and Peace to you

Maddy Lou’s a Growing

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So Cici and I just got a mac as an early Christmas gift….and we have accomplished two things…

1. We are now converts to the world of Mac…never a PC will grace the threshold of our house again

2. We have an awesome way to show off our Maddy-Bug…

So please check it out if you want to watch fun pics of Maddy growing faster than we an stand it…